Intelligent Building Health Monitoring

Neptune from M2M Cloud puts best-in-class building health monitoring in your hands.

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Proactive Building Health Monitoring

The detrimental effects of working in buildings with poor indoor environmental conditions, in particular high levels of CO₂ saturation on productivity, comfort, absence rates and learning retention is well understood. The incontrovertible results replicated in numerous intervention type studies carried out in a broad range of environments from offices to schools have all drawn the same conclusions. Unfortunately, as those responsible for managing environmental conditions within building are rarely aware of these significant findings, the lessons learned from these studies are infrequently applied.

Neptune gives you the detailed insight into indoor environmental conditions in order to allow you to take action in order to improve this environment for building users.

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Change the way you think about your indoor environment

Increase Productivity

Perform tasks faster and more accurately

Health Benefits

Reduce headaches and fatigue

Reduce Absence

Reduce CO2 levels to reduce absence rates

Improve Comfort

A well maintained environment is a more comfortable one

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